Hey guys, tomorrow I will post Niall sucking cum fake, stay tuned. I post a LITTLE preview on my Twitter, check it. And please, see my anothers sucking cum fakes of 1D (Check Harry Styles new one)

Harry Styles sucking cum fake

Zayn sucking cum fake

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Hey guys, how r u?

So, i’m here to say about Directions Fakes. Everybody knows your tumblr. So, the owner of the tumblr is very busy with your life, and everybody knows that we owner of tumblr have a life outside of here, so it will be difficult to post their fakes now, but he will post it anyway, so I ask for you understanding.

xx ♥

Anônimo asked:
your one direction cum on face are your best ones yet! I Love them!!

haha thank yooou, i’m really glad that guys liked this, and glad to make, that is a new thing that I’m making !